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Hope you´re doing well. I´m Delfina, one of the owner´s of Cefér, an accessories´ brand based in Buenos Aires. 


Here at Cefér, we value artisan work, quality and design. We are constantly searching for new materials to work with, textures and shapes. We work on our products as one would do with a collage: we alter what exists, we own it and we redefine it. 


Every year we launch between 20 to 30 styles, in different colours. We don´t believe in structured collections. We move fluidly between seasons. We do have some of our styles that we consider classic Cefér and repeat them each year, always with a new twist. 


What we most enjoy is designing products that are different, eccentric, mixing textures and colours.We believe that as a brand this is what makes as stand out from other independent brands. 

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